19. June 2018
I've been reading a bit of 18th century philosophy, in specific Immanuel Kant. He thought about 'The Thing in Itself”. A simplified version goes like this. You are standing in a forest looking at a tree. It is beautiful or is it? Kant points out that characteristic like beauty is a characteristic we humans assign to the tree. If we leave we take that evaluation with us. Even the tree is tall is a personal evaluation based on our own size. Your companion says, 'I've seen taller.” This...
22. May 2018
Starting in 2019, the Eve Bell stories will by joined by a new series. This series will feature Emanuel Zanders, a detective on a small town police department. Zanders has a big secret, he is a murderer.
16. May 2018
When I decided to publish my work, snow was on the ground. Now that summer is almost here we the alfalfa is growing and the cows next door and fattening. My wife's garden is already producing spinach and green onions. Now I'm turning to marketing as well as writing. So welcome and thank you for joining my journey.