Welcome to my Blog

When I decided to publish my work, snow was on the ground.  Now that summer is almost here we the alfalfa is growing and the cows next door and fattening.  My wife's garden is already producing spinach and green onions.    Now I'm turning to marketing as well as writing.

So welcome and thank you for joining my journey.

Not long ago, I realized that the horror of being a detective who has to see the worst of mankind, even in a lovely city like Seattle, could be a devastating experience.  Detective Eve Bell is the unlucky character who carries the burden in my stories.

One other note.  Most of my stories are in novella form.  This eliminates story side trips that interrupt so many novels.  For those of you with little time to read, this shorter version is convenient.

I truly hope you enjoy the stories and don't forget to sign up for updates and special prices in the newsletter.  You will also get a free short story three times a year.  The first one is called In Memory of Abigal Taylor.  It is the first in a series of weird crime fiction.